Why Consider Lanstar?

Why Lanstar?

If you have ever had to purchase a new phone system, or have yours repaired, or needed to upgrade to add new features or capacities, you know what a headache that can be. And if this is part of a construction project (remodeling your current office or moving to a new one), the headaches seem to multiply. Now you are dealing with not only your phone system, but your phone service, your Internet service, the cabling and, if you are incorporating IP phones, your entire IT infrastructure. And you are coordinating with salespeople and technicians from each of the servicing companies.

That can be very intimidating all in itself, but what happens when there is a problem? It has happened to all of us:

  • You try to make a call and nothing happens.
  • A customer emails you and says that she has been trying to call you all morning but keeps getting the message “The number you are trying to reach has been temporarily disconnected.”
  • Your boss can’t get to his email
  • Calls keep dropping

So, what do we do? Well, since we can’t make a call, it must be our phone system (makes sense) so we make a (cell) phone call to the company that services our phone system. Now the fun is about to start!

When your telecom company gets involved, they will remote in to your system, if possible, or dispatch a technician, who will tell you that the phone system seems to working just fine (then sends you a bill)….you should call your phone service provider. And your phone service provider suggests that it may be a wiring problem and then, if you have IP phones or VoIP, it will eventually come to your IT company, who will tell you that they don’t do phones….

“The quality of a service provider is not measured by if a problem occurs, but by how they respond when a problem occurs.”

Since first opening our doors in 1999, Lanstar Voice and Data has been focused on taking care of our customers. In our earliest days, we were a networking company, so we understand the IT component of your telecom solution as well as the wiring. We have relationships with over 80 voice and data service providers and can coordinate with them to determine the true cause of the issue and get your communications back in the shortest possible amount of time.

So, back to the original question: Why choose Lanstar Voice and Data?

  • Quality products
  • Responsive service
  • Understanding and involvement in all technologies that touch your voice solution
  • Over 18 Years of doing just that.

Give us a call and find out what we can do for you.